Gas R-134A

R-134A gas is a pure HFC type refrigerant, which replaces R-12 gas when it comes to new installations or systems. It is a crane that offers excellent performance and can be used in a wide variety of applications; therefore it is also used as a component in some HFC blends. One of its advantages over other HFCs is that it can work at lower pressures and offers greater energy efficiency.

Buy cheap R-134A gas

To buy cheap R-134A gas, various options can be considered, such as wholesaling; This option is available in some physical stores and also online, of which we will tell you below; so that you have the best alternatives to make your purchase at the best price.

Where to buy cheap R-134A gas?

When it comes to finding the best prices, without a doubt, online stores represent a great alternative; In this sense, we want to tell you about Alibaba, this wholesale store offers excellent prices when it comes to wholesaling; making it an excellent option to consider. According to the presentation in which the gas is available and the quantities established by the seller, you can find very attractive offers.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to make bulk purchases, AliExpress is one of the online stores where you can buy R-134A gas at very competitive prices. This store is characterized by bringing together a wide variety of vendors; Thanks to this wide competition it is possible to find the most attractive prices.

Similarly, Amazon is an excellent alternative to find R-134A gas; Since you can find different sellers with interesting offers and some even include free shipping; In addition, you will be able to find the capacity of the bottle you need, so that you can make a customized purchase.

Another advantage that these online stores offer is that you can get all the accessories necessary to charge R-134A gas in any of its applications.

Buy R-134A gas in Spain

In Spain you can enjoy the online options that we have mentioned, with the advantage of receiving free shipping to your home or office; You can also opt for some physical stores or some that combine both options. Repsol offers one of the best alternatives in Spain when it comes to R-134A gas and other specialized products.

R-134A gas, what is its price?

The price of R-134A gas may vary according to the capacity of the bottle and the place where the purchase is made; Next, we will tell you about some of the prices available in the market:

Alibaba offers wholesale prices that can be around USD 50 per unit for a 12 kg refillable bottle; You only have to take into account the minimum number of orders required by the supplier.

• On eBay you can get a steel bottle with a capacity of 12 oz. from 5 USD.

• You can also visit the site and you will get excellent prices; like a 900 gram bottle at € 55, a 2 kg bottle at € 66 and a 12 kg refillable bottle at € 215; likewise, there are special offers for purchases of several units.

R-134A gas charge table

In the following table we will describe the forms of supply of R-134A gas in steel bottles; which contain on the label the information necessary for its use.

Capacity (Litros)



(total mm)

Totoal weigh (aprox. Kg.)

Filling Pressure (20 ºC)

Gas content (kg.)



















Refrigerant gas R-134A

Among the applications of R-134A gas as a refrigerant we can mention the following:

  • Air conditioning in the car.
  • Domestic refrigerators.
  • Centrifugal water coolers.
  • Heat pumps.
  • Conservation chambers.
  • Refrigerated transport.
  • Commercial refrigeration.

More options to buy R-134A refrigerant gas

If you need to buy R-134A refrigerant gas for any of the systems mentioned in the previous item, for both domestic and industrial use, keep the following in mind:

Where to buy R-134A refrigerant gas?

In addition to the alternatives already indicated above, another site that is characterized by offering cheap prices is, they offer you high quality products; There are also special offers in quantity sales, which can be from 10 bottles. On this site you can make payment through safe and recognized methods such as credit cards, PayPal, etc.

R-134A Refrigerant Gas Price

At you can get a refillable 12 kg bottle for € 229.00; if you buy more than 10 bottles there will be a special price. On this same site you can buy a R-134A refrigerant gas refill for our kits (fridge), a 900-gram refillable bottle at € 64.90; among many other offers that vary by the capacity of the bottle.

How to charge R-134A refrigerant gas?

To charge the R-134A refrigerant gas, those equipment used for the refrigerant charge can be used, such as hoses, valves, etc., compatible with R22. He The procedure begins with the cleaning of the units with R12 to be converted; in order to remove any residue of this refrigerant. This is followed by a deep vacuum (25 to 50 microns) and repeated sweeps with R-134A refrigerant.

The R134-A gas can be charged in a gaseous or liquid state; if done in a liquid state, it should be charged from the high pressure side of the system. On the other hand, charging in the gaseous state must be done on the low pressure side of the system, while the compressor is running. It is vitally important that the vacuum is always broken with refrigerant vapor before operating the compressor.

R-134A gas for cars

R-134A gas is used in the air conditioning systems of some generations of automobiles; allowing to regulate the ambient air and offer a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle.

R-134A gas bottle

The R-134A gas presentations vary and are presented in bottles and cylinders; Regarding the bottles, they are in 2 presentations:

  • 900 gram disposable steel bottle.
  • Disposable steel bottle of 2 kilos.
  • R-134A gas cylinder
  • The capacity of the R-134A gas cylinder is as follows:
  • Refillable 12 kg cylinder.
  • 25 kg refillable cylinder with a net capacity of 20 kg of gas.

R-134A gas refill kit

According to the refrigeration system (refrigerator, car, air conditioning, etc.) that is going to be recharged, it is necessary to acquire some tools; such as a self-limiting valve, recharge hose, pressure gauge, refillable hose, charging adapter, leak cap, etc.

Air conditioning gas R-134A

The refrigerant gas R-134A is an excellent alternative to recharge the gas of the air conditioning of the car; you can get the best value for money. This gas can be used in new installations; it is compatible with POE oils and can be charged in liquid or gaseous state.

R-134A gas charge in refrigerator

To charge R-134A gas in the refrigerator, use the tools from the recharge kit; It is also necessary that with the help of the manometer the pressure of the gas is measured to know exactly the level it has; in the same way, it is necessary to locate the exhaust where the gas is leaking in order to correct it and prevent it from continuing to escape. The model of the refrigerator and the system used must be taken into account.

What replaces R-134A gas?

R-134A gas is a substitute for R12 gas; the replacement carried out in the refrigeration systems that use said gas can be carried out without altering the operation of the system, only minor modifications are required; what if it is necessary is to change the existing mineral lubricant for a synthetic lubricant, which requires a detailed discharge procedure.