Refrigerant replacement

Loading instructions

Turn off the compressor

Recover existing refrigerant in a suitable container

Check for air conditioning system leaks

Connect the meters and hoses with the compressor turned off

To install the product, reverse the can (if using cans or jars) and install the liquid product on the low pressure side

After the minimum load, test the system for leaks

This product is flammable and sensitive to sources of ignition

Must be tested for leaks with dye load, UV glasses, an electronic leak tester for hydrocarbons or soap bubbles

If any leaks are detected, ventilate the area, evacuate the system, repair the leaks and install a new product as above

Pressure and temperatures are correct (we suggest always charging to 90% of the original low pressure and waiting for it to stabilise), turn off the compressor, disconnect the gauges, install the service port covers and label the system in a clearly visible area

We innovate with the indicator