R-22 gas

R-22 gas or chlorodifluoromethane is a colourless gas that is normally used in refrigeration equipment thanks to its low melting point of -157°C. This gas was one of the most used in air conditioning systems both at domestic and industrial level; however, its useis prohibited due to the serious harmful effects on the ozone layer .

Substitute for R-22 gas

Because of its environmental consequences, several restrictions were put in place that led to a complete ban on R-22 gas. This ban determined that until 31 December 2014 it could be used for the maintenance, servicing of refrigeration equipment, air conditioning systems and heat pumps in service; in the case of recovered equipment. Refills are also affected, so a substitute gas must be chosen or the equipment replaced.

Which gas replaces R-22?

Below are the gases that replace R-22:

  • RS-70 (HFC): is characterised by the lowest global warming potential among the substitutes for R-22. It is very efficient and compatible with minerallubricants ,AB, and POE.
  • RS-45 (HFC): this type of gas is the only drop-in substitute on the market and is suitable for replacing R-22 when it comes to flooded systems; it also has the best cooling capacity.
  • RS-50 (HFC): it is consideredthe most energy efficient, offering great energy savings in relation to R-404A or R-507.
  • R-507 (HFC) and 404A (HFC) : this gas can reach the cooling capacity of R-22 and is of low energy efficiency.
  • R-407C (HFC): it has a highcoolingcapacity and is more energy efficient than R-22. It also has a low global warming potential (GWP) of 1774.
  • RS-70 (HFC): offers the best cost to recondition, compared to HFC/POE; it is also one of the lowest in global warming potential.

Refrigerant gas R-22

This R-22 gas functions as a refrigerant or coolingfluid used inheat transmission so that it can absorb the low temperatures and pressure in refrigeration systems. It is the way to achieve cold in an artificial way. It is used both for air conditioning systems and for other refrigeration systems.

Where tobuy R-22gas ?

There are several options to buy R-22 gas, you can locate it online or in physical shops. You can also opt for a technical service that includes checking the equipment and recharging the R-22 gas.

Price ofR-22 gas

The price in the market ofR-22 gas depends on the presentation in which it is acquired; a small bottle with key included oscillates 49 euros in Amazon; a bottle of 12 kilos can surpass 300 euros. You can also use the bargain search engines to find the best price available for the R-22.

Air conditioning gas R-22

TheR-22 gas was one of the most used in air conditioning systems; its boiling point is -40.8º C; thanks to this characteristic it was used for low temperature systems; for example ,domestic applications suchas air conditioning; also in freezersand industrial refrigeration.

R-22 gas pressure

The pressure of the R-22 gas depends on its application; generally the pressure should be between 60 and 70 PSI. Also it influences the temperature that has the outside; while the temperature is greater , will exist greater pressure of suction; and on the contrary when there is smaller temperature. The high pressure should be around 230 PSI. In any case, the instructions of the manufacturer must be followed with respect to the system where it is going to be used.