R-32 gas

The gas R-32 or methylene fluoride, R32 is a product gaseous chemicalcomposition that belongs to the group of thefluorinatedhydrocarbons (HFC ); it is a flammable gaswith explosive properties when mixed with other components. In this post we will see its uses,where tobuy it, some opinions and the way this gas should be charged .

Refrigerant gas R-32

As a refrigerant gas, R-32 is characterised by its lower cost, as 30% less gas is required for its performance; it is also more energy efficient compared to R410A. Another outstanding feature is that it has lower energy consumption at the most extreme temperatures.

R32 is an unmixed (totally pure) refrigerant gas ;it also has a low Atmospheric Heating Potential (PCA/GWP) . Taking this into account, in addition to its great energy efficiency and high cooling power, we can see why it is the favourite refrigerant of the vast majority of brands; who use it in state-of-the-art air conditioning equipment and domestic heat pumps.

Since 2018 many manufacturers haveusedit to replace the R410-A, because it has less power for global warming; as well as more volumetric cooling power and achieves lower electricity consumption in cooling systems .The R32 is included in the mixtures ofzeotropicrefrigerant hydrocarbons , known as: R407A, R407B, R407C, R407D, R407E and R407F.

Opinions onR-32gas

This gas has gained the recognition of great brands such as Panasonic, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Haier and Fujitsu; who have chosen to use R-32 as a refrigerant for their products, achieving greater energy efficiency. It has also enabled them to improve the performance of their equipment at both low and high temperatures.

In terms of the commitments established to protect the environment and the prohibition of gases with a high level of affection on the ozone layer, R-32 is consideredto be the best alternative for combating global warming; moreover, it is in line with the regulations in force on the use of gases and their environmental effects .

Buy R-32gas

There are sites specialized in the sale of refrigerants for air conditioning where you can buy the R-32; in addition, countless online shops have various presentations of this product, which you can buy quickly and easily. There is no limit or specification for its purchase,but it is recommended that to recharge a refrigeration system, it should be done by an expert technician .

Price ofgas R-32

Below are the estimated market prices for R-32 gas:

  • A bottle with a capacity of 1,000 ml has a price at Amazon of 46 euros.
  • 1kg .of R-32 gas on eurorefrigerant.com for 34.90 euros On this same site, a 5kg refillable bottle costs 119 euros; while a 9kg refillable bottle costs 169 euros .

Air conditioning with gas R-32

The R-32 is idealfor modern equipmentthat has been designed for this type of gas specifically . Below we name the best air conditioners that use the R-32:

  • Mitsubishi Gas R32
  • Panasonic Gas R32
  • Daikin Gas R32
  • Fujitsu Gas R32
  • Daitsu Gas R32
  • Saunier Duval Gas R32
  • Samsung Gas R32
  • Haier Gas R32
  • LG Gas R32
  • Vaillant Gas R32
  • Hisense Gas R32
  • Junkers Gas R32

How to load R-32gas?

To load the R-32, the first aspect to be verified is the compatibility ofthe pressuregauge with the gas; becausethe pressure of theR-32 is higher than that of the R410-A. At the timeof loading theymust be checked aspects like possible leaks, connection of the cables and other failures of the equipment in question. The necessary tools must also be available, which are: nanometer and vacuum pump. It must be done according to the following aspects:

  • Connect to the outdoor unit and connect to the ducts.
  • Secondly, the vacuum pump tubesmust be connected and the valve opened to extract all the air and humidity from the interior.
  • As soon as the pressure gauge reaches 0, the valve is closed and the pump is switched off.
  • Connect to electricity and open the valves.