R-410A gas

R-410A gas is one of the most recommended and used refrigerant gases worldwide for the operation of air conditioning equipment. It has certain characteristics that classify it as an ecological refrigerant. Together with R-134A gas, they are the most compatible to replace R-12 and R-22 gas; widely used previously, but after precise studies, its harmful environmental impact was detected. Keep reading and learn more about R-410A gas

Characteristics of the refrigerant gas R-410A

This refrigerant gas was created in 1991 by the company known today as Honeywell; but that in its beginnings, during the process of creating this refrigerant, it was called Allied Signal.

R-410A is chemically composed of flour, which contributes greatly to the environment, it does not affect the ozone layer. And according to the ASHRAE, which according to its acronym in English is the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, R-410A gas is classified as non-toxic and non-flammable; which is very timely in case of leakage.

The compatible oil for R-410A is polyester (POE), another is polyvinyl ether (PVE); which guarantee a good operation together with the compressor. Other types of oil such as mineral, widely used in other cases, are not functional for R-410A.

How to buy R-410A gas?

This refrigerant gas and many others can be obtained in refrigerant gas distributors; located in physical places or online stores. Also in online markets of each country, and even internationally. It can be wholesale or retail, much will depend on what is available and what you want to buy.

R-410A gas prices

In online stores, you can find a few units at $ 37. However, commonly, in Europe the Kg of R-410A gas is found at € 10 to € 20 per unit; but it varies in terms of the size of the cylinder and the amount of gas to use.

Where can I buy cheap R-410A gas?

The price may vary depending on the web pages you consult; Some of the cheapest pages are Mercado Libre, Alibaba and AliExpress (available in multiple countries). However, you have to be careful with the reputation of the sellers, so on the same page you can verify that. You have to keep in mind that cheap is sometimes expensive; so we must choose the product well, which suits the required needs.

Alibaba.com has good deals on this gas. However, this page is mostly intended for bulk purchases. In addition, the size of the cylinder or container intended to contain the coolant must be verified.

R-410A gas on Amazon

On Amazon there are options to buy this product. Prices may vary according to quantity; You can find it at 7.5, 11 or 25 pounds. However, some people think that although this company is highly diversified and expanded in terms of products, it is not specialized in this specific area.

So they have decided to look in other online markets or physical distributors. This last option is the most convenient when choosing and acquiring a refrigerant gas, since it is a delicate product, and for more reliability, for many the physical presence is even better.

R-410A gas charge for air conditioning

If we notice that our air conditioning is lacking gas, it is because there is a gas leak. We can come to think, or they can tell us that periodically the air conditioners are charged with gas; However, this is not true. If the air conditioner is in good condition and installed correctly, the refrigerant gas should not be recharged throughout its useful life. So the only exception to this is a leak from it.

The fact that the gas does not have to be recharged throughout the useful life of the refrigerating equipment is due to the fact that the gas does not run out or is spent; he can go through his indefinite cycle without exhausting himself.

To commonly detect a gas leak without much technicality, we can observe if the air conditioning does not cool or cool very little. Another symptom is that in the outdoor unit, the copper pipe freezes. And we may also notice that this time the indoor unit freezes and leaks.

1 kg R-410A gas

This presentation is very practical because it is easy to move and use. A gas charge of 1 or 2 kg can be sufficient for a full charge of an air conditioner of 3000 to 3500 calories. And since the gas is not depleted, it will be sufficient for its entire useful life. Although there are also presentations of cylinders of even 11 kg. However, these are more complicated to use, but represent a great reserve in the event of any eventuality.

R-410A gas charge prices for air conditioning

The times that an air conditioner is charged is due to a failure, which causes a gas leak. To determine the price of a charge of air conditioning gas,

It must take into account the labor of the professional who will recharge you; also, something very important is the price, which will depend on the type of gas used by the equipment; and also the amount of gas to use, related to the power and size of the air conditioner.

In 2016, a 1Kg charge of refrigerant gas for air conditioning, including gas price, labor and taxes, could total € 99.50.

How to charge R-410A gas in an air conditioner

Once the gas leak problem has been solved, we must proceed to charge. For this we must follow the following steps:

  • First you must have a vacuum pump, a scale, a pressure gauge, and the gas used by the equipment.
  • Then connect the hoses from the pressure gauge to the air conditioning core valve.
  • The pressure gauge must have a yellow hose, which must be connected to the connector of the vacuum pump; and thus carry out a correct emptying into the refrigerant circuit.
  • And once the emptying is ready, the gas is charged. For this, the scale must be connected to the gas bottle used by the equipment; since this procedure is by liquid content and by weight.
  • The yellow hose that was connected to the vacuum pump must be connected to the bottle.
  • The scale must be regulated at 0.000Kg, to have a precise control over the amount of gas injected.
  • Once everything is ready, the bottle and the pressure gauge are opened to enter the gas into the air conditioning unit.
  • And the scale will reflect the subtraction of the amount that the air conditioning needs inside; and once we see that it is ready, all the equipment is closed, and the load is finished.

R-410A gas bottle

A bottle of refrigerant gas can contain 1 to 2 kg, and some have the peculiarity of being rechargeable. You have to make sure that it comes with all its components; from thread as the connector and the gas outlet. On some pages it can cost up to € 79.90.