Gas, whether from an automotive or domesticair conditioner, is ofparamount importance for heat absorption and removal of cold air; it is basically a refrigerant for a given space.There are different types of gases for this purpose, much depends on their chemical composition; which will determine their environmental friendliness and efficiency. Next we will give yousome data about the R-12gas .

R-12 gas substitutes

Although this was one of the main refrigerant gases used, other gases began to be used; much of this because there was concern among professionals aboutthe effectthat the use of these gases had on the environment. That is why other refrigerantgasesare created, and one of the best known is R-410A.

The R-410A gas is a good substitute for the R-12 gas, this due to its characteristics; and one of them is that it is very friendly with the environment. In addition, it is very recommended and used in the domestic use,since is not toxic nor flammable; which in case of a leak, contributes to the security of the people who are near there .

Another substitute is R-134A gas. Like R-410A,it has properties that make it positive for the ozone layer, and for its non-toxicity. It is widely used in industrial refrigeration and in air conditioning for homesand cars. This gas has a great capacity to quickly cool the environments with a great efficiency.

However, inorder toreplace theR-12 with anotherrefrigerant gas, some changes and reconversion in the cooling system are necessary; as many components are not compatible for both gases. They can be modifications in the compressor and change of oil; of mineral for theR-12 to the synthetic for the case of the R-134A, forexample.

More details about theR-12refrigerant gas

The R-12 gas , besides being widely used as a coolant, is also used as an aerosol propellant; but after some tests, it has been used more frequently as a fire retardant in transport systems such as aeroplanes; or also in submarines.

It was widely used before 1996 as a refrigerant gas for automotive and home air conditioning. However, between 1996 and 2010 its use was banned in some countries, due to concerns about the effects it could have on the environment; and in turn on the ozone layer. This gas is also known and traded under the brand name Freon-12.

Characteristics ofgas R-12

  • The chemicalname of R-12 gas is dichlorodifluoromethane.
  • It is a colourlessgas
  • It has a harmful effect on the ozone layer and has therefore been largely replaced .
  • It is heavier than oxygen, about 4.18 timesheavier.
  • It is toxic, so it does not guarantee safety in case of leakage.
  • Not flammable or explosive.
  • The humidity volume for R-12 gas must not exceed 0.0004%. This is for household refrigerators.

R-12gas prices

The price can vary according to the country; and if you search by web pages, you canalso find different prices; these can range from $20 to $50. This can also be influenced by the size of the cylinder containing the gas and the weight.

R-12 gas for air conditioning

R-12 gas was used mostly in automotive and domestic air conditioners; although many more in the former area . However, it has now become obsolete, with other types of refrigerant gas being efficient substitutes for R-12. Unfortunately, its harmful effect on the ozone layer has forced companies toabandon it.

However, if your car was initially powered by R-12 gas , you can replace it with others like the R-134A; which is the most compatible in that case. To do this, you only have to change the filter-dryer, the oil that the system will use, the load sockets, the label that identifies the type of oil, and the amount of gas that you will apply to it.