R-407C gas

R-407C gas is a substitute refrigerant gas for R-22 gas; It is made up of a mixture of 3 gases, which are R-32 in 23%, R-125 in 25% and R-134A in 52%. It is considered a gas with chemical stability and thermodynamic properties; which has low impact on the environment and low levels of toxicity. In general, this gas is not flammable, although R-32 is; however, the overall composition manages to reduce these levels to make it flammable.

The boiling point of R-407C is -43.9 ° C at atmospheric pressure. Its main applications are in air conditioning systems, being the substitute for R-22; as it acts much like this. When used in air conditioning systems, it must be charged in liquid form; it also requires the use of polyester oils (POE) to provide lubrication to the pump and cooling circuits.

Where to buy R-407C gas?

To buy R-407C gas there are different options, both in physical stores and online stores; some sites are specifically dedicated to the sale of this type of gas and offer more affordable prices when it comes to wholesale sales; For example, you can check the Alibaba offers. If it comes to retail sales, Amazon and AliExpress bring together a significant number of offers and sellers, with very good prices.

R-407C gas price

R-407C gas prices vary according to the size of the steel bottle, some are refillable or others are disposable. The estimated prices that are handled in online stores are the following:

  • At Eurorefrigerant.com, a refillable 2 kg bottle is priced at € 79.90; that of 5 kilos € 169.00; and the 10 kilos € 269.00.
  • At toprefrigerant.com the 850 gram refillable bottle is priced at € 55.00; that of 1.8 kg € 77.00; and the 10 kilos, € 260.

Characteristics of R-407C refrigerant gas

R-407C refrigerant gas has the following characteristics:

  • Harmless to the ozone shield.
  • Requires a change from mineral oil to POE synthetic oil.
  • A great advantage is its compatibility with existing equipment.
  • If a leak occurs, it requires a complete drain and a new charge.
  • Compared to R-22, it has lower discharge temperatures, thus contributing to the durability of the compressor.

R-407C gas for air conditioning

One of the applications of R-407C gas is in air conditioning systems, both commercial and for domestic use; since its composition is similar to that of R-22 gas, achieving a cooling capacity and greater energy efficiency; both in air conditioning systems and in other types of systems.